Tutorial 1: First steps

This tutorial will give you a quick walk through of the below steps and provide you with resources for the same.

  1. Creating and uploading a test paper
  2. Adding students
  3. Assigning a test

Create a test

Step a1: Download this file to your computer. Tutorial_1_Sample_TestPaper_English.txt and follow the below steps.

Optional Task:
Edit the file to change / add question(s) as required. The Title. , Subject. and Topic. are tags that tell the system the name of the test, the subject and topic to which they belong. As can be seen, this is a simple multiple choice question. For learning about further types, please see sections below. You can any number of such questions in a file. Each question starts with the Question. tag.


Alternatively, you could create a test paper directly in the TestVita system.
For this option, go to the ``TestPaper`` page and then click on the ``Create TestPaper`` button.

Step a2: Login to your TestVita site and click on the TestPaper menu under CONTENT menu on the left frame.

Step a3: Click on the Upload TestPaper button on the top right side.

testvita testpaper page

Step a4: Click on the Choose File button on the right side and select the Tutorial_1_Sample_TestPaper_English.txt file from your computer.

Step a5: Click on the Upload button on the right side.

testvita upload testpaper page

Your test paper shall be uploaded and you will get a screen as shown below.

Step a6: Click on the Refresh button.

testvita uploaded testpaper page

You will see that the file uploading is completed and the screen, as shown below will give you options to Preview the test, View/Edit etc.

Step a7: Click on the View/Edit button.

testvita uploaded testpaper page

You will see the various parameters of the test like test duration, type etc as shown below.

Step a8: Click on the Edit button to change parameters.

testvita edit testpaper page

Step a9: Change the name of the test, specify a duration of the test, choose the test type, choose to randomise the order in which questions will be displayed if required. You can also add instructions that would appear with the test.


You can also add / upload further questions.

Step a10: Click on Save.

testvita edit testpaper page

You will see that the options are modified and the instruction is also visible as shown below.

Step a11: Preview the way the test would look for your students by clicking on the Preview button.

testvita edit testpaper page

You will see the test paper as it will appear for the student as shown below.

testvita edit testpaper page

Step a12: Click on the Full Page View button to see multiple questions on one page as shown below.

testvita edit testpaper page

Step a13: Close the preview test window.

Step a14: Publish the test by clicking on the button named Publish and then click on the back button to go to the TestPaper page to see your test in the list.

Add students

Step b1: Move to the Users page seen under the PEOPLE menu on the left frame.

Step b2: Right click on the name of your organisation which is shown on the left side under Classes (institutenew in this case) and Add a class. You can call it ‘New Class’ for example.

testvita students page

You will see the ‘New Class’ under your organisation name on the left frame.

Step b3: Click on the ‘New Class’ on the left frame. You will see the Students page on the right side as shown below.

Step b4: Click on the Add student button on the top right.

testvita students class page

Step b5: Fill in the form that appears. An email will be sent to the student at the specified email id. They can use the link on the email to come, set a password and login. You can add as many classes and students as you need.


You can also upload a students list using a spreadsheet file. This will be explained in a different tutorial.
testvita students class page

You will see that the student is added to the ‘New Class’ as shown below.

testvita students class page

Assign a test

Step c1: Move to the Scheduled Tests page under the TESTS menu on the left frame.

Step c2: Click on the Schedule a test button on the right side.

testvita tests page

Step c3: Fill the form that appears. You may either assign the test to individual students or directly to a complete class. You can type in firstnames, lastnames or email ids comma separated or select the class from the drop down menu. Do not do both together.

testvita tests assign form

Step c4: Check that the test you schedule has been assigned. The test will be visible to the students in their Assigned tests page during the defined period.

testvita tests page

You can now logout and login as the defined student by following the email that was sent when the student was created to take the test. This process shall be explain in a separate tutorial.

Do write to us if you need help on support@testvita.com.